Monday, August 29, 2011

Busy Year

This year is another busy and crazy year. Assignment coming in and out every single day. Catching up everything makes another sleepless night. Crazy things happen each day. Some of my friends end up pushing out or extending their assignment. Here I would like to say, make a good time management. For me too. This coming September we have another art exhibition and I can't come out any idea of black and white photography of Orang Kampung....DEAD!! Ow well, I'll try and google it somehow..Finger Cross..Hopefully I will made it in time.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


In this assignment we were given two task. Printing (cetakan) and sculpture (arca). It was hard because some of us never experience doing it even during school days. We were given two weeks to complete the task. Ofcourse we did not have time to sleep, eat and so. Now that its almost done, here are some rough picture on our simple exhibition just outside of our class.

Sculpture :

 Printing :

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


We were given 3 week to complete the portrait. The subject matter or the person was chosen by our lecturer according to our abilities. Here we would like to share some portrait that was completed by us and our tutorial-mate. Hope that this can help in giving idea or rough idea about how to draw portrait.

 Portrait using pencil drawing :

Portrait drawing using soft pastel :

Portrait drawing using oil pastel :

Portrait drawing using mix media :

Finishing touch :

We were all worried that our lecturer won't accept it. Well we are still learning to improve our skill. everyone tried their best and the result is quit satisfying. Everyone learned from mistake and will draw a better one in future assignment. Its not that artistic but we hope you'll learn something from it.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Most of us think that art can't be done without talent and end up giving a lot of excuses. Why not give it a try. Its fun to try something new. Rather than just going through the straight line.
We were once asked by our lecturer. " List down all the things that have no relation with art." He gave us a week to list it all. But still, we have no clue about it. Even science and math are related to arts. So why worry about fitting in?

When I was in my childhood years, I sketch a lot on papers, books and even on wall and when I look it back now,it was a piece of joke.I can laugh for the whole day. Well, mom was very angry and as I grew up she keep telling me to start studying seriously on my important subject at school which is not including the art subject. They say that art cannot determine me a better future in my life. I almost give up on it. But then, I continue on studying art by myself and taking the art subject as my extra subject for the big exam;SPM(Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia). 

Surprisingly, I scored it well. I join a few drawing competition in middle school. It was fun even though I can't participate in bigger competition which I wish I could. But it doesn't matter now. I still can improve it all. Studying art is like a dream come true. Now, I'm taking teaching course in art or we called it as PSV course. I spend a lot of money to buy a lot of art weapons to kill my desire of drawing, even though I'm not good at it. I was having a hard time on the first few day of learning because I was never had a chance to actually learn the real ART on how to use or what to use. For example, watercolour can be use on a watercolour paper and white colour is not in use. I'm happy to improve it all. You could be saying things like lol when you see my art. It's not professional but I'm glad that was able to make use of my hand.

So, give it a try on art. It won't bite you and please don't give me excuses saying that you have no talent. Except that you hate art so much that you'd rather die then letting you hands get involve in art. Me and my partner Rynnora will always welcome you. Good luck.

post by Flavia.